Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcome to LynxedTogether!

 Welcome to LynxedTogether! We’re a blog and online community created to advocate for Lynx bus passengers in Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties in Central Florida.

Considering the funding constraints that the Central Florida Regional Transportation Agency (aka Lynx) faces, we think they do a surprisingly adept job of providing reliable transportation services to area residents. But there are so many unmet needs – critical areas of our community that don’t have bus service at all and too many places where the buses don't run often enough, late enough or even 7 days a week to get passengers where they need to go.

Lynx passengers are primarily what are known as “captive” riders: those without a car or another way to get around. One mission of this blog will be to advocate for these passengers and bring attention to areas where service can be improved or optimized to better meet the needs of this constituency.

It’s our firm belief that Lynx needs to begin attracting “choice” riders - those who do have access to a car, but who choose public transit because it is cost effective, convenient and easy to use. Encouraging Lynx to improve service to attract choice riders will be the second mission of the blog.

Finally, advocating for a dedicated funding source for Lynx will be our third mission, as we understand that dedicated funding is a critical step for Lynx to be able to purchase more buses and hire more drivers.

I’ll be serving as LynxedTogether’s editor and community manager. I live near Downtown Orlando and am a regular Lynx passenger (don’t be afraid to say hello if you see me on the bus!) and have experience in building online communities and bringing people together via social media.

We want to hear from you on how Lynx can improve to better meet your travel needs. Please ‘like’ LynxedTogether on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and feel free to email us anytime at

LynxedTogether was created by David Porter, founder of It’s part of his vision to improve public transit in Central Florida to relieve congestion by getting cars off our roads and highways.

David and I both believe that communities are stronger when they’re linked together by public transit. In Central Florida, we want and need to be LynxedTogether.

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  1. Really interesting what you're doing there. I really wish that the condition of public buses become as good in my city, as I often struggle to find public transport routes.