Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Have You Tried Lynx Lately?

I got this note from David Porter, Editor at and creator of this blog, about his experience on Lynx this past Saturday when he rode to Downtown Orlando for the Central Florida Women's Rally. As he said, he's not a frequent Lynx rider, but he seemed to walk away generally satisfied with the experience.

Concerned about parking in downtown Orlando Saturday where I was headed to cover the Women's Rally I decided to park at the Walmart on Orange near Michigan and rode the bus to downtown. I hate to admit this was only about the 6th time in my life (been here since 1984) that I rode Lynx.

It worked perfectly and cost me only $4, which is actually cheaper than Uber. ... The Lynx schedule leaves a lot be desired, but it's certainly better than SunRail. Now that the buses have free Wi-Fi, in many ways Lynx is on an equal footing, if not better than SunRail

OK, granted there can be a unique set of "characters" on some Lynx buses, they are not unlike some of the folks you encounter downtown or in Lake Eola. That said, the ride was quick and inexpensive. My ride also was pretty uncomplicated (no need to transfer and on a corridor that includes several bus routes).

This got me thinking.., have you tried Lynx lately? Maybe it's not a good option for your everyday commute (or maybe it is and you've never actually tried it), but perhaps you could ride the bus to a special event or at a time when you really don't feel like driving. I challenge you to ride Lynx at least once in the next 30 days, and email us at and share your experience!

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